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"The Work" of Byron Katie

After almost three years off the air, I've finally returned to KRUU FM, on Sunday mornings from 9:00AM to 9:30AM. Although my show is only a half an hour long, I offer far-ranging thoughts and suggestions about how we can live happier, healthier, and more peaceful lives. Nothing dogmatic here; just sharing my own experience and what I've seen work for others. Callers are welcome to join the discussion. I throw in some cool music too.

This week's show will be a continuation of our discussion of Byron Katie's "Work," which identifies our beliefs, not our circumstances, as the cause of virtually all of our conflicts and suffering. Through a simple yet very specific process of self-inquiry, Katie's Work allows us to see more clearly the impact of our beliefs and provides the opportunity to consider alternative views that may better serve us, all in a completely safe, self-regulated, and unforced manner. I hope you will join me.