J. Harley McIlrath discusses "Possum Trot"

Possum TrotWriters' Voices welcomes Iowa author, J. Harley McIlrath, on this week's show. J. Harley McIlrath is the author of "Possum Trot", a new collection of short stories published by Ice Cube Press. J. Harley grew up on his family's farm near Newburg, Iowa and memories of that time surely helped inspire stories in this collection. Reflections and lament on a way of life that has almost disapeared form a theme that runs through this collection. A way of life that required most farm work to be done by hand and pest control done without chemicals. It is a book of laughter, sorrow, and hope.

J. Harley McIlrath is the assistant manager and book buyer for the Grinnell College Bookstore and the Pioneer Bookshop in Grinnell, Iowa. For ten years, he ran his own bookstore in Cedar Falls, Iowa.