Vampires Beware-It's the GREAT TASTE Garlic Show!

Garlic on braidLong before Bram Stoker popularized the use of garlic in his classic 19th century novel, Dracula, Romanians had been using it for centuries to repel evil in a variety of forms. 

The actual origins of the cultivated plant have never been clearly established though it's probable descendent is from the species, Allium longicuspis, which can be found in Central and Southwestern Asia.

But what really interests us about garlic is EATING it.  Contrary to its popular use in Italian/American restaurants as a main ingredient in almost any dish (read that as "all you can taste is garlic."), garlic is amazing as a subtle flavor element though it can take a leading role as in the classic pasta dish, aglio (garlic), olio, e peperoncino.  That's what Kathy will prepare in the studio along with bruschetta w/roasted garlic.

While we're eating we'll turn to Tanya Webster of Sigourney, garlic lover, grower and proponent of local foods for an insider's look at this bulb and its many families and traits.  She's partial to the Rocambole family right now.  In addition, she has some interesting insights into the health benefits concentrated in the chemical, allicin which demonstrates anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties plus in its decomposition binds with those nasty free radicals.

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