Open Views: Openness and Burning Man

CameraGirlOne of the more fascinating cultural experiments in the US today is the phenomenon known as Burning Man . It's been 20 years since the event started with a few friends having a party at a Bay-Area beach. Today the event attracts over 35 thousand people from around the world, and the impact of the event has stretched beyond just the experimental: the project has helped spawn pragmatic volunteer efforts such as Burners without Borders, to help crises situations such as Katrina.

My guest this week goes by the pseudonym CameraGirl. She is the lead technical coordinator for Burning Man , and is in charge of getting all the Information Technology pieces working in the desert location that Burning Man manifests itself in.

CameraGirl, aka Heather Gallagher, gave me some insights into what makes Burning Man happen, and where the open and transparent models of the free culture world intersect with the societal exprimentation and performance art that the event is about.

Tune in a 7pm on Tuesday or 7am on Thursday. 

another great interview

Sudar, Great interview! "Benevolent dictatorship....somewhere in the middle." Way to get to the essence of things! Thanks! bo