- 20100908 - Great Taste - Chocolate Tasting

chocolate chile mousse-Chilam Balamchocolate dryingNot much can be said right now about this week's GREAT TASTE because we're doing a blind chocolate taste test during the show.  Fifteen studio slots have all been filled with our "listener tasters" and they will have a chance to evaluate the five or six different chocolates  before we reveal the details of each special bean.  Guiding us through the process in the studio will be Leonard Pitt, founder of the Berkeley Chocolate Club.  Get some special chocolate ready at home and taste along with us because you'll have the opportunity to learn exactly how to experience the bean and evaluate different qualities and characteristics.  A big "Thank You" to the At Home Store and Rosie Witherspoon who is providing the amazing chocolate we'll taste on the show.

Wednesday evening is also the beginning of the Jewish New Year so we'll enjoy a traditional treat of apples and honey plus someone said there might be a flourless chocolate cake adding to the deliciousness of the evening.  If that happens, we'll make certain the recipe is part of the hour.

If you want to learn more about our guest, Leonard Pitt, check out his website.  He's a best-selling author, artist, actor, lecturer, theater impresario and even has conducted chocolate tours of Paris.