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Welcome to Centripetal Sounds, in the Thursday afternoon slot from 2-5, with a rebroadcast Wednesday mornings 2-5 AM. I am your host, Gary Garles, the G Man, the only government you will ever need on Planet Rock and Roll. We spin back through the last 50 years of music and linger on the most creative songs we can find. Songs with freedom, passion, and fun written all over them. Requests are always welcome, I have amassed a collection of thousands of lp's, cd's, cassettes, and brown paper bags. I will highlight the best of the best, and include bands every week you have never heard or heard of. Requests may be made at centripetalsounds@gmail.com. Lets go!

CD of the Month March 2011

Remo 4Smile, by The Remo 4. Just a delight to listen to due to the infectious nature of the beat. Dance music for the body and soul.

Cd Of The Month Feb 2011


August 2010 release on Rounder records, produced by T Bone Burnett. One microphone, no mixing, no overdubs, just wonderful roots rock and country blues.

CD of the Month January 2011

Caravanserai, by Santana. Caravanserai was a resting place that was 'safe' in Persia many moons ago. After three almost perfect albums of quality music, Santana drops this bomb on an unsuspecting public. I cannot remember the first time I heard it, but I own multiple copies of it in case one goes bad on me. It never fails to transport me to another place in time. It is rather complex, so don't give up on it until you have heard it at least 5 times. :)Caravanserai

CD of the Month December 2010

Box of Secrets: Northern Gothic 2, by The Green Pajamas. It is difficult at best to pick one cd by this band, since I like everything I have purchased by them. This offering is a bit more on the tougher, visceral side. Lots of great muscular guitar work, and yet the whole band contributes to every single song. Jeff Kelly is a poetic, subtle lyricist, so when you couple those with endless hooks, you get some great rock songs. Easy to find this one online or in stores, unlike a lot of their

previous releases. box

CD of the Month November 2010

My Cd of the Month is 'Tyranny & Mutation', by Blue Oyster Cult. Since it has been 37 years (!) since this was made, I can safely say it has stood the test of time in my collection. We played the heck out of this at every party in Ames, IA in 1973. I have some great stories about that, but you will have to ask me about them off-site- hah! Buck Dharma has some creative soloing on guitar, and the three guitar attack was awesome when I saw them live. check this out.   The G ManBOC

CD Of The Month October 2010

Striking It Rich, by Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks. This is not like anything else you have in your record collection. Elvis Costello said the song " I Scare Myself' is one of the best ever written. 1 listen, and you will agree. Delightful distinctive tunes.Hicks

CD of the Month September 2010

The Soul Searchers. Local Des Moines band with smooth blues. the soulsearchers.net, or my space, check it out today.Soul Searchers

CD of the Month August 2010

My CD of the Month is 'Extended Revelation for the Psychic Weaklings of The Western Civilization', by The Soundtrack of Our Lives. The inside booklet contains black and white shots of galaxies, and something else. Imagine having dull black pages with slick, glossy black overlays that change the view of the page as you tip it back and forth. As you tip the page symbols are revealed that remind me of the Vedic Observatory constructs. The music is just as fantastic, very intelligent, extremely melodic, and vaguely psychedelic in spots. My favorite album of theirs out of the nine I currently own.TSOOL Ext rev

CD of The Month July 2010

eelsThe Eels- Blinking Lights and Other Revalations. Two CD set of inspired original songs, thoughtful lyrics, mellow instrumentals.

CD of the Month June 2010

How Can You be Two Places At Once, When You're Not Anywhere At All, by The Firesign Theatre. "I'm Gonna just go with that: Perfect blend of comedy, esoteric thinking, subversive ideas, and commitment. :)"- Samuel Silas Maximus Garles, 5/22/10.