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Welcome to Centripetal Sounds, in the Thursday afternoon slot from 2-5, with a rebroadcast Wednesday mornings 2-5 AM. I am your host, Gary Garles, the G Man, the only government you will ever need on Planet Rock and Roll. We spin back through the last 50 years of music and linger on the most creative songs we can find. Songs with freedom, passion, and fun written all over them. Requests are always welcome, I have amassed a collection of thousands of lp's, cd's, cassettes, and brown paper bags. I will highlight the best of the best, and include bands every week you have never heard or heard of. Requests may be made at centripetalsounds@gmail.com. Lets go!

CD Of The Month January 2012

emer third railThe Rain Parade- Emergency Third Rail Power Trip. Originally released in 1983 on Enigma Records. David Roback is the lead guitarist. He also played with Rainy Day, Clay Allison, Opal, and Mazzy Star. He is one of my favorite players. The band wrote, arranged, and produced the album. It is perhaps the finest example of the Paisley Underground movement you will ever encounter. Songs like 'Look What She's Done To Your Mind', 'Talking In My Sleep', 'This Can't Be Today', and 'Kaleidoscope' give you some dreamy music to go with the introspective and sometimes mind-boggling lyrics. available as CD, LP, and download.

CD of the Month December 2011

Hazed dreamPsychic Ills new 2011 release 'Hazed Dream'. Now, if you cannot figure out what kind of music is on this disc, well, head back to school.... Actually, this music compares very favorably to The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spiritualized, Asteriod No. 4, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, and Mazzy Star, if you can imagine that combination. Cheesy organ, languid guitar with lots of bent strings, vocals too low to understand much of what is being said, yeah, all that good stuff. The G Man

CD of the Month November 2011

HGMHiss Golden Messenger in a 2009 release called either Harpo, if from outside the US of A, or Country Hai East Cotton otherwise. The song selection is the same, the order is different,and none of that matters because every song is a fine study. Relaxing, introspective, somewhat spiritual in nature, and I can listen to it over and over again. From Heaven and Earth Magic Recording Company.

CD of the Month October 2011

jhJohn Hartford had a long and interesting career. He wrote 'Gentle On My Mind', one of the most recorded songs in history. He was a steamboat pilot. He made some folk albums, got on TV, and found inspiration in the old time bluegrass pickers. This album transits from folk to bluegrass, and manages to hit everything in-between along the way. His sense of humor is outstanding. The supporting musicians read like a whos-who list. In short, its all good. Check out www.johnhartford.com.

CD Of The Month September 2011

BloodrockThe 'CD' of the Month, which I only own the vinyl of, is Bloodrock's first album. This is quite heavy, guitar and drum oriented music. There are songs that rely heavily on keys, to great effect, also. Mainly, this is what I listen to when I feel like cranking it up. It is good music for running down the road, too. The lead vocals are an acquired taste, I guess. The guy sounds like he needs to clear something out of his throat. Listen to some samples, or maybe the song DOA, their minor hit.That song is not on this album, and in fact, that is OK because almost every song on this disc is better than DOA. F U C what I mean.

CD of the Month August 2011

vetiver                                                                 Imagine going into used record stores and purchasing some random discs that appeal to you for some unknown reason. Then you go home, play the things, and discover all these songs that you want to record off of them. This is essentially what happened, and the results are wonderful. Mostly mellow, county tinged and blusey. If you listen to samples you will probably want to buy it. Vetiver, Thing of The Past, on Gnomonsong Records.

CD of the Month July 2011

Blows ATE  Blows






 and the

Jefferson Starship. Kantner broke away, however slightly, from the Airplane circa Bless It's Pointed Little Head, and made a brilliant album of folk music. Folk music mixed with David Crosby dream pop and Jerry Garcia lead jams. This album was nominated for a Hugo Award by the Science Fiction Writers. The All Star lineup included Peter Kaukonen, Harvey Brooks, and Graham Nash. Remastered version available.

CD Of The Month June 2011

Palace GuardsDavid Lowery and his first 'solo' outing. He still fronts Camper Van Beethoven, and Cracker, in addition to touring with long-time lead Guitarist Johnny Hickman (who has a fine solo effort out, also). I have heard it said that this record leaves out some of the humor and gets serious. I think he has a little twinkle in his eye on just about every song he writes these days. You will get one rocker, one country tune (Raise Em Up On Honey), and a host of excellent ballads and mood pieces. I hit the replay button almost every time on songs like 'Deep Oblivion' and 'Big Life'. Just released on 429 Records.

CD of the Month May 2011


This album sets the standard for psychedelic blues.




This album has some of the most inventive guitar work ever recorded.





This album has one brilliant moment after another.

CD of the Month April 2011


CD OF THE MONTH: Maids of Gravity. First release by the band. 1995, Vernon Yard. You can get a copy of this if you want it. You want it. This is psychedelic music at it's very best. Hard rock, ballads, instrumentals that go nowhere, trippy lyrics- hey, it is a music lovers dream.