- Great Taste - Ayuerveda - 20100901


Vegetable dahl with paneerFor over 30 years, Dominick Mason has been learning, teaching and cooking food utilizing the Ayurvedic system that comes from India and has its roots in an oral tradition stretching back thousands of years.
Ayurvedic cooking takes into account the physiological state of those at the table, the seasonal influences, a balance of six different tastes, and many other factors.  Sounds complicated, but Dominick has plenty of practical ideas for the home cook to assist in easily putting these principles to work in daily food preparation.  His objective is to simply help you cook in a more healthy manner.
In the studio we'll prepare a dahl (soup) plus cook some fresh spiced (not hot) cheese, and a cooling drink to help beat the heat.
Join Dominick, Kathy, and me in the KRUU studio or catch us in cyberspace at kruufm.com.  If you miss Wednesday's show, the rebroadcast is Friday morning at 7:00 CDT.