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Welcome to Centripetal Sounds, in the Thursday afternoon slot from 2-4, with a rebroadcast Wednesday mornings 2-4 AM. I am your host, Gary Garles, the G Man, the only government you will ever need on Planet Rock and Roll. We spin back through the last 50 years of music and linger on the most creative songs we can find. Songs with freedom, passion, and fun written all over them. Requests are always welcome, I have amassed a collection of thousands of lp's, cd's, cassettes, and brown paper bags. I will highlight the best of the best, and include bands every week you have never heard or heard of. Requests may be made at centripetalsounds@gmail.com. Lets go!

October Album of The Month

Psychic IllsInner Journey Out by Psychic Ills. There is a gorgeous instrumental track called Ra Wa Wa you simply must hear. Very bluesy, laid back, sleazy at times, and best listened to start to finish. I buy everything this band puts out, including the stuff you have to order on vinyl from some obscure website in order to get it. If you want to spend about 70 minutes in a wave form that puts a little smile on your face, this is for you.

T Shirt As A Fundraiser for the Station

NEW T SHIRTAs a fundraiser for the KRUU, this creme colored shirt with a deep maroon contrast is available. Contact me at centripetalsounds@gmail.com if you would like one shipped direct to your door. Medium and large cotton T unisex version.

September Album of The Month

Dead RingersHorseback has a new album out called Dead Ringers. I happened on some samples of the music on a website, and I was hooked immediately. The pace is slow to meandering, the guitar work is impeccable, and the mood is very late night. This band is moving their sound right into my wheelhouse. I can't say the sound is unique, but it is compelling, well-written and performed music.

August Record Of The Month

Society of Broken SoulsLocal Fairfield, Iowa residents by way of Seattle and two other fine bands, these experienced musicians bring a breathtaking skill set to their original songs. If you missed my show with them as guests, check the podcast out. Songs like Tired of Toein' That Line, Shape I'm In, and Wyoming capture the essence of dealing with the hand of man, as they so aptly put it. Here is an example of what the major labels need to be putting out instead of Pitbull or (fill in your pet peeve here). www.societyofbrokensouls.com. They are on the road the rest of this year so consider a live event.

July CD of The Month

HWAI am two weeks early, but I am certain of my next pick: Hard Working Americans new CD Rest In Chaos. I listened to this once, and did not think much of it. The second time through a week later, I listened to it, and then put on the headphones and listened again. The third time through I realized what I had missed by just casual listening. These songs all have a central theme, and that is the unique look at the world that Todd Snider brings. The Guy Clark cover does nothing to take the album off track. I absolutely love what these guys are laying down.

June CD of The Month

My CD of the month is Good Times by The Monkees. It has been over forty years since they released a record. That is incredible enough. However, the music is quite good. In one sense, the disc sounds like it was made 45 years ago. The songs have that same pop freshness their old albums featured. It surprised me just how pleasant and comfortable that felt. A welcome addition to my collection of their music. Good Times

May CD of The Month

Dr DogDr. Dog: The Psychedelic Swamp. This is a 're-imagining' of their first album, somehow, someway. I am not sure that means much because this record is awesome. It will just reach out and grab you. They have a great sense of humor, but they really can write great hooks. The psych stuff is colorful and entertaining and a very small part of what is going on. 

April CD Of The Month

OuroborosRay LaMontagne. Ouroboros. <sigh> I gotta tell ya, I live for moments where I come across great music like this. My son texts me and says- hey, you HAVE to hear this song. I had already bought it the week it came out. Ray has had a string of nice albums. This is a departure, or a progression, depending on your point-of-view. If you listen to one song, you might miss how brilliant this all hangs together. 

March 2016 Album Of The Month

SF DancehallTrevor Jackson Presents Science Fiction Dancehall Classics. This is a compilation of On-U Sound Records. The two disc set ranges from a sparse and effects- laden dub sound, to post punk and industrial music. There is a major amount of experimentation going on by the artists, and generally with surprisingly good results. 2015 release. www.on-usound.com.

February Album of The Month

Astral SonSilver Moon, by Astral Son. A 'side project' of Leonardo Soundweaver from Groningen, Holland. This is an album that is hard to pull a single track out of to play on the radio. The whole thing is one giant wonderful sound experience. It sounds like a mash of krautrock, electronica, and space psych. I am finding more and more great stuff coming out of Europe these days.