Interview with Denise Hudson on Lyrical Venus

  • Tue
    Aug 24
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am

Denise HudsonMy week has not been fine
There's no rules for how to write my life
Stick to facts go back to practice
still all this distraction
~ Duality Cupcake, Denise Hudson

Singer-songwriter Denise Hudson is based in Austin, Texas. Don't let the Texas put any LeAnn Rimes ideas in your head though, Tori Amos road is more the right direction to head while trying to figure out Denise's unique style. 

I met Denise through an online songwriting contest called SpinTunes and was quickly charmed by her moody-rich piano work, quirky lyrics and arresting vocals.  Smokey, growly, wispy and sweet by turns, Denise's voice is definitely one that fascinates.  I'm not the only intrigued one either, she's in high demand for collaborations with many of the other musicians involved in the contests she has participated in recently!

Join me this Tuesday from 9-10am Central to get to know Denise, and to get your weekly dose of songs by female singer-songwriters!  Denise will be calling at about 9:30. Read more about Denise at