- Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - 20100815 - Sharon Bousquet

Sharon Bousquet

It was a blast having Sharon Bousquet in the studio, hearing her new poems (which totally kick the proverbial @#$%, by the way) and hearing her mesmerizing way with the guitar and voice. New poems, new songs, great company. Grab a scone and a cup of coffee and tune in to some fine music AND poetry, and find out what Sharon has been up to lately.

Sharon Bousquet is an award-winning songwriter/fingerstyle guitarist, and a seminar leader of The Singing Body – a system combining yoga, singing, breath and integrative movement to free your natural voice.

With 5 CDs to her credit spanning a stylistic range from contemporary folk to pop to bluesy a cappella rants, Bousquet's work continues to deepen and reward repeat listening.