- Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - 20100808 - This Enduring Gift

This Enduring GiftA live broadcast featuring the creator and contributors of this "glowing, historically important anthology of poets who live, or have lived, in Fairfield, Iowa."

THIS ENDURING GIFT, selected and introduced by Freddy Fonseca, features a total of 76 poets and is arranged in 16 chapters covering these topics:

Chapter 1: The Poetry of Remembrance and Renewal

Chapter 2: The Poetry of Nature, the Cosmos, and the Soul

Chapter 3: The Poetry of Mysteries and Imagination — View introduction

Chapter 4: The Poetry of Whimsicality and Simple Things

Chapter 5: The Poetry of Darkness and the Eerie Nocturnal

Chapter 6: The Poetry of Angels, You, and GOD — View introduction

Chapter 7: The Poetry of the Anecdotal and Domestic

Chapter 8: The Poetry of Animals, Pets, and All of Us — View introduction

Chapter 9: The Poetry of Strife, Grief, and Conflict

Chapter 10: The Poetry of Erotica, the Body, And True Love — View introduction

Chapter 11: The Poetry of Abundance and Times Well Spent

Chapter 12: The Poetry of the Mildly Nutty (Humor Included) — View introduction

Chapter 13: The Poetry of the Arts, Poems, and Books

Chapter 14: The Poetry of the Wilderness We Harbor

Chapter 15: The Poetry of the Exalted and Transcendent

Chapter 16: The Poetry of Transition, Surprise, and Ascension

Tune in to hear selected poets and Freddy read from this exciting new anthology!