- Great Taste - Indian Hills

Indian Hills Culinary StudentsA new chapter gets underway this week in the weekly culinary adventures on GREAT TASTE.  We're going to highlight Ottumwa's best kept secret, the students attending Indian Hills Community College's Culinary program.  Starting this week and continuing the third Wednesday of each month students in the program will cook "live" in the studio and share their culinary knowledge and passion with us.

Every time I hang out with these kids I come away from the experience elated and energized.  Their enthusiasm fills the air plus I always learn many things listening to their discussions.  Oh yes, the food they make is really delicious.

The culinary program is run by Chef Gordon Rader, a man with boundless energy and real interest in seeing his students succeed. He inspires them to follow their passions by using the classic French curriculumn as a launching pad for exploring the amazing variety of world cuisines, and guiding them to integrate what they learn into a career path.

In the studio this week, Charlie Schiller is bringing in some items from his garden.  He'll add a few other ingredients from the pantry and cook up a Provencal vegetable tian.  It's a perfect dish since it uses many common summer garden veggies.

Want to add some new dishes to your cooking repertoire?  Need an energy boost in the kichen?  Or perhaps you would enjoy listening to young people explaining what makes them excited about pursuing a culinary career?  All this and more on the next GREAT TASTE with the Indian Hills crew.

Stop by for a taste or catch the stream at kruufm.com-7-8 PM CDT, July 21 or Friday's rebroadcast, 7-8 AM CDT.