Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - 20100509 - Rustin Larson

linguineThe true measure of one's success as a poet is not the size of the auditorium in which one reads, nor the poshness of the hotel room, nor the size of the paycheck; it is instead measured by the size and quality of the linguine one is served, and whether or not it comes with a salad and breadsticks.

This is the third installment of the La Crosse trilogy: my (Rustin Larson's) reading at The Pump House Regional Arts Center on the evening of March 18, 2010.  What a night!  Up against Willie Nelson, who was performing in an auditorium about a block away, I still managed to draw together a nice gathering.  And afterwards there was ... LINGUINE!  La Crosse, I love you!



The Wandering Philosopher Poets of the Long Shadow Ride Again, 7 pm, Friday, May 14th at Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure! {Zanzibar’s is located at 2723 Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa.  If you get lost, just call (515) 244-7694.}

Out of the waving wheat of the Western plains come the silhouettes of three tall dark riders (Bill Graeser, Rustin Larson and Glenn Watt), their horses, their lariats, their lunch boxes, and a large travel cooler filled with POETRY.

Join the gents for another evening of jollity and enjoyment, free of charge.

This intrepid trio will travel to Des Moines, Iowa to read their visionary verses, and they hope you will join them for a cup of joe. With poetry gracing the pages of journals large and small (The New Yorker, Lyrical Iowa and Passages North just to name a few) The Wandering Philosopher Poets of the Long Shadow long to tip their hats and holler howdy to y’all!



Leah Waller Reads at MUM Library

Leah Waller will read from her poetry at 7:30 pm, June 16th in the MUM Library North Lounge.  

Leah is author of Under the Cedar Tree, published in 2008 by 1st World.  Under the Cedar Tree is described as "a witty, inspiring, delectable collection of poems and pointers aimed at standing up for the fading art of poetry."  Bill Godfrey has said of Leah's poetry, "I was not separated by the usual intellectual aloofness of a poetry reading, but felt as at ease with her presentation as with my blood flowing through my veins, as if she was another kid along in the car on a drive through the country side."

Bill Graeser and Rustin Larson will open the evening with short sets each at 7:30, then the evening is all Leah's.

Refreshments will be served.



Poems of mine from a new working manuscript called The Bum Cantos are appearing in journals electronic and printed.  Check out these links: 


Midway Journal


(I'm going to read these at Zanzibar's.)  I'll post others as they become available.

In print look for more Bum Cantos in Illya's Honey.