Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - 20100228 - Gladys Swan

Bob Dylan and Alan Ginsberg at Jack Kerouac's graveGladys Swan joins the circus and writes about it in her new poetry chapbook; a couple of Diane Frank singles are ready to spin; an original musical composition from the hosts of The Pocky Talky Music Mystery Show will make you scream; cool surf-drunk-punk vibes from The Lear Jets; and more on the next episode of Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost, Sunday, February 28th at 10:30 am, and Monday, March 1st at 1:30 pm.

Blue Chord

from baby to mother

from guitar to amp

running across white sheets

the present.

A pile of half-used books,

unread for now,

the baby full grown,

the earth sleeping,

beautiful music for two strings.

The man in the orange pajamas

prays for the world,

slips peacefully

beneath the river.

The television antenna

points to the clock:

11:15.  The room is silent

as a box of nails.

Mahler has a reputation

on the album sleeve:

"Mahler is heavy" says

a season of snows.

A bell should ring, but

it doesn't.  The thorned

petroleum tree scrapes

steadily against the house.

We pray for the remarkable

ending of suffering,

a bottle of scotch-- life

goes on-- the water

of life the Scotch called

it as the wind blew

on the moors.


--Albertino Alma Spaghetti