Jennie Hunter Interview on Lyrical Venus!

  • Tue
    Jul 20
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am

Jennie HunterHello seventeen, come back in your sleep
Hey, I'm a silhouette you lost
~ Feel the Fire, Jennie Hunter

Classically trained in piano, LA-based singer-songwriter Jennie Hunter has international connections. Her debut album, Feel the Fire, was recorded in Chile with Producer Claudio Valenzuela.

If you jumped to any conclusions after seeing the words "classically trained" and "Chile" in that first paragraph, you probably jumped too soon. With songs ranging from rock to electronica to pop, Jennie's classical training really only shows in that she never misses a note. You won't really find any Latin rhythms, but every part of the songs, whether sung or played, is drenched with that passion Latinos are famous for expressing. What you get is lush, rich, piano-driven landscapes, the emotional details painted with a delicate voice.

Tune in Tuesday, July 20th to get to know Jennie a little better. Music from 9-9:30am Central, Jennie will be calling in at 9:30.