- Great Tatse - 20100714 - Dr. Christoph Streicher

Dr. Christoph StreicherCilia HairsWhen we think of our fondest food memories what triggers the satisfaction?  Is it the memory of taste or smell?  It's probably a combination of both sensations plus texture and sight, but when we walk into a kitchen though, the smell of our favorite food cooking definitely hits us first.  Jacques Pepin, one of the most famous modern chefs said, "It's much more powerful when the memory of an event comes through the senses, particularly smell."

 Scientists who study these senses have concluded that when we eat 70%-90% of our "taste" experience is really an "aroma" experience.  Though the mouth has over a million cells designated to analyze tastes and send the information to our brains we really perceive only five distinct tastes-sour, salty, bitter, sweet, and umami.   The sense of smell is more primal and seemingly more complicated.

On the PBS television show Newton's Apple episode dealing with taste and smell it was reported that the average person can discriminate between 4,000-10,000 different odor molecules.  The details of how the brain processes this information are not completely clear. 

Dr. Christoph Streicher has made the study of aromas his life's focus.  He founded Amrita Aromatherapy over twenty years ago.  Amrita produces pure essential oils  primarily for therapeutic purposes, but this is GREAT TASTE so we're going to explore both the "smell" and "taste" aspects of Amrita's oils.  Christoph will join us "live" in the studio, and we'll discuss the effect smells have on our minds and bodies, how pure essential oils differ from the "normal" oils used in consumer products, the preponderance of conventionally produced essential oils in processed foods, and actually taste a few oils on foods.

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Later on in the show we'll visit with Kenny Sherr's alter ego, Chapatti.  Chapatti is in town taping several TV shows featuring guest cooks like the GREAT TASTE co-hosts.  He's travelled to numerous countries exploring cuisine so we'll find out what makes his stomach happy.

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