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Strawberry shortcakeStuffed shells








We're kicking off the NEW Great Taste weekly with two classics.  First, what can be better than a quintessential Italian-American dish of stuffed shells-local, organic ricotta, fresh basil, fresh oregano, dried thyme, salt, pepper, and a lot of love.  That love flows into the next showcase Spring dessert-strawberry short cake.  Another amazingly simple dish consisting of a biscuit, macerated strawberries, and Radiance whipped cream.

Join Kathy Dubois, Steve Boss and our special in-studio guest Lawrence Norton for food talk that will put you into a food frenzy (that's good!).  Lawrence will bring a unique perspective to our discussion.  For three years he was the head camp chef for Press Stevens Outfitters in Jackson Hole, WY where he specialized on the trail in American traditional favorites with a twist like three-bean southwestern chili with flank steak and home roasted chili peppers and South American cumin-lime spiced pork tenderloin with a cauliflower mash.

He graduated from the College of the Atlantic with a degree in Human Ecology and currently is working on his MBA at MUM.  Also, he serves as a marketing consultant for the Sustainability program. Lawrence attended the French Culinary Institute, is the founder of the Environmental News Network, and developed distance education programs for MIT.

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