Emily Zuzik and Rosie Burgess Interviews on Lyrical Venus!

  • Tue
    Jun 29
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am

Emily Zuzik First time I met you
Felt that I'd known you for a lifetime
~ Magic, Emily Zuzik

It seems like Emily Zuzik can do pretty much anything! Currently based in New York, she is a singer, songwriter, journalist, voiceover artist and fit model. Her songs have appeared in TV and movies.  She has written with artists such as Moby, Wes Hutchinson, UK dj duo REFIX, Tim Lefebvre, Art Hays, Tom Glynn and Marwood.
Rosie Burgess Trio
Lay down your pirate flags I'm secretly glad
to have washed up beside you
~ Pirate Song, Rosie Burgess Band

Running a grassroots independent record label, touring internationally, recording a new album and working on two musical projects might seem a lot to some, but to Australian Rosie Burgess, being busily up to her ears in the music scene comes as naturally as breathing.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday, June 29th from 9-10 am Central to get to know both of these super-talented women a little bit better! Emily will be calling at 9am, Rosie at 9:30am.