GREAT TASTE with BBQ Joints author David Gelin, Wednesday, June 16, 7-8 PM CDT

  • Wed
    Jun 16
    6:00 pm -
    7:00 pm

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There's no better time than summertime for either making your own BBQ or enjoying someone else's.  David Gelin has written BBQ Joints, to tell us the stories of the people behind the Q.  It's a down-home tribute to folks maintaining traditions of BBQ diversity throughout 13 states.  So tune in for a show filled with David's favorite people and places as we explore a food topic that inspires a never-ending spate of opinions about methods of smoking and saucing.

David's book features recipes from many of the joints he's visited, and we're going to do our own little tasting of sauces and sides in the studio plus share some personal BBQ experiences.  Come along for the fun by joining the stream at  It's going to be a tasty experience!