- Planet Erstwild - 20100610 - Jennifer Melmon & the Gundecha Brothers

Gundecha Brothers

Jennifer Melmon talks with James Moore about working with the Gundecha Brothers, her time in India, and the upcoming concert Friday, June 18th at ICON Gallery at 8pm.

Umakant Gundecha and Ramakant Gundecha, known as the Gundecha Brothers, are leading exponents of the ancient Indian Dhrupad vocal music. Dhrupad is the most ancient vocal genre in Hindustani classical music, and can be traced back to the Vedas. It is characterized by great dignity, depth, and silence. The primary aim of the Dhrupad style is to penetrate to the deepest value of frequency by precise intonation of microtones. Traditionally Dhrupad was not performed for entertainment reasons and not necessarily in front of an audience, but as devotional music to a chosen deity.

The Gundecha Brothers will also teach a workshop on Thursday June 17. Contact 641-455-6436 for more info. In this video, you can enjoy a live performance of the Gundecha Brothers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5DOy3qkeDU