- Planet Erstwild - 20100521 - Adam Steck

2:30pm/ James speaks with Las Vegas producer/promoter Adam Steck, CEO of Steck Productions International Entertainment, about his work and some reflections on growing up in Fairfield. Adam brought one of his 5 shows currently featured in Vegas to Fairfield last year, the country's most successful male revue, The Thunder from Down Under.

3pm/ Enjoy another segment with Mike Ragogna who blogs for the Huffington Post and recently performed in the musical HAIR. Ragogna has been involved in many facets of the music business since he was 14 in Manhattan.

4pm/ James Moore interviews Jason Walsmith and Mike Butterworth, co-founders of seminal Iowa rock  the Nadas, about their upcoming concert in Fairfield this Saturday, May 29th at the Sondheim Center. Opening act: She Swings, She Sways.

4:30pm/ SOFIA 's Dick DeAngelis talks with AROUND TOWN's Melinda Arndt about the acclaimed All Things Italian Art Walk coming up Friday, June 4th on Fairfield's townsquare. Fairfield sustainability coordinator and ISU Extension Community and Economic Development specialist Scott Tim highlights green addendums for the event.