Listening to the Movies Presents Epic Western & Adventure Scores Wed May 19th 3-4pm

This weeks show highlights one of the most lyrical Western movie scores from one of the all-time greatest Western collaboration ever witnessed in cinema. Sergio Leone's "Once upon a Time in the West" is "epic in scope and Ennio Morricone's score elegiac in tone". "The way this cinematic epic's images combine with Morricone's rich score has gained a foothold as one of the very best film scores ever composed for a western". Also highlighted is Bronislau Kaper's 1962 score to unarguably the most lavish and spectacular "Mutiny on the Bounty," one of the most famous adventures in British naval history. Tune in Wed May 19th 3-4pm for some unforgettable epic music.

Once Upon A Time In The West

Damn it, just saw this. I'm upset I missed this!