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The music from 1967 continues to roll on. There was so much of that still sounds great today.arthur lee

This weeks show is another alphabetical show, so I start off with The Association's "Requiem for the Masses," and finish with The Who's "Rael"--a precurser to Tommy. In between--quite possibly marking the low point of 1967--is an obscure joke by Elvis called "Yoga is as yoga does," proving just how out of touch he was.

Also relatively forgotten are Cream's "Take it back," Donovan's "Mad John's escape," and two songs that should never be forgotten: "7 & 7 is" by Arthur Lee & Love, (below) and "Let it all hang out," by The Hombres. These two are the roots of punk and more. All of them are brilliant, and deserving of more play today.

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Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" and Simon & Garfunkel's "Fakin' it" are still sung at karaoke bars and coffeshops, while Miriam Makeba's "Click click song #1" is mostly forgotten--but shouldn't be. Miriam helped bring the sounds of Africa to America and Europe (hence her title "Mother Africa").

It wouldn't be 1967 without a long, trippy, improvisational track. This week's is The Door's "When the music's over." And it just wouldn't be music without a beautiful love song. The Lovin' Spoonful's "Darling be home soon" is one of the most beautiful and honest.

"Come, and talk of all the things we did today.

Here, and laugh about our funny little ways.

While we have a few minutes to breathe.

And I know that it's time you must leave.

But darling be home soon."