GREAT TASTE Presents a Formidable Combination-Cupcakes and Cheese-Wednesday, 7-8 PM CDT

cupcake corerrogue river blue

No, we haven't lost our collective kitchen minds.  We're not really making cheese cupcakes though it's a good idea.  What we'll discuss and enjoy on this week's GREAT TASTE are cupcakes and cheese-separately.

First, why is that little girl smiling in the picture?  It's not because she's eating cupcakes.  Nope, she's using the cupcake corer which you can see covering up her mother.  It's the most fun part about the whole cupcake process.  You use it to easily lift out the middle of a cupcake, and then fill that hole with icing.  We'll have a review of the kit from two local young ladies who tried it out yesterday plus @cupcakeproject joins us on the phone from St. Louis where she has been taking the art of cupcake making to the edge of creativity.  Of course, Kathy baked some cupcakes, but we'll save the decorating (and eating) to make you jealous.  If you're local you can come by and join in the fun. 

And we'll round out the show with a cheese tasting-five cheeses from different parts of the USA.  The Rogue River Blue pictured in the blog is made in Oregon, wrapped in grape leaves, and macerated in Oregon pear brandy for a year.  It's amazing.  We'll spread the cheese love around the barnyard with cow, sheep and goat deliciousness to sample.  Jeff Pierce, the cheese maven at Great Ciao in Minneapolis joins us to provide some insights into what's happening among domestic cheese artisans.

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Note:  We used the cupcake recipe from the CuisiPro Decorating Kit.  We'll go over it on the air because it turned out some delicious cupcakes.  For a gluten-free chocolate version you can use the recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake posted by Jeanne Sauvage on her 4 Chickens blog.  She is an amazing resource.