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Ani's Raw Food Desserts

We're out of town so our treat is to serve up an archived version of a sweet GREAT TASTE. This one left us feeling very satisfied and good despite indulging in several desserts.  Enjoy the rebroadcast. We'll be back with a new show on May 5. "Ani's Raw Food Desserts" Eat some dinner, but leave room for dessert as GREAT TASTE features a "live" interview with raw food chef, Ani Phyo exploring her book, Ani's Raw Food Desserts - Easy, Delectable Sweets and Treats. We'll find out how to create some simple and healthy final course magic PLUS several of our local home cooks will be in the studio with desserts they made from Ani's recipes. Can gluten, dairy, processed-sugar, and cruelty-free really taste delicious? Is it easy to make nutrition-packed raw desserts? We're going to find out. Wednesday 7-8 PM and the rebro from 7-8 AM on Friday. Here's a few more things you might like to do: http://www.aniphyo.com/ Ani's Great Taste is on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/GREAT-TASTE-http://twitter.com/stevenboss Twitter to keep up with what we're eating, reading, and watching.