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On two recent trips to India, chocolate and candy maker Paul Poole has been fortunate to catch an intimate glimpse into the lives of some Indian families.  The key was the sharing of food, but not only meals.  Paul taught his Indian friends how to make various types of chocolates and they shared the knowledge of local sweets.  GREAT TASTE listeners will not only hear about Paul's adventures, but learn the recipes involved in this cross-cultural exchange.

Fairfield, IA craftsman Paul Poole began making chocolates, toffee, and other sweets in the late 70's in San Francisco.  At times he actually sold his creations, but for the greater part of three decades you might have received some as a gift if he made a custom kitchen cabinet for you.  Even now you have to be lucky.  If you aren't on his holiday list, then the "right place" (KRUU's studio) is your best shot.

You won't believe how easy it is to create these delicious treats in your own kitchen with proper instructions and tools.  But, you'll be amazed at Paul's ingenuity when working under less than ideal conditions in simple Indian kitchens.

Tune in for the stories and how to make chocolates, toffee, and other tasty treats.  Stop by to watch and have a taste at the studio if you are in the neighborhood.  You'll be in the "right place."  Alternatively, listen to the live stream from 7-8 PM on Wednesday or the rebroadcast Friday at 7-8 AM.

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