- Great Taste - 20100127 - Great Taste

Judith KingsburyO. T. HodgeGold Star chili

The Savvy Vegetarian, a.k.a. Judith Kingsbury, joins us for a discussion of meatless meals plus many other topics like the ones she showcases on her website-savvyvegetarian.com.  This month's featured recipe on the site is a vegetarian chili.  Judith will share her take on that classic dish and we'll be cooking up our own chili versions in the studio.  We'll share some food memories of chili experiences, discuss recent restaurant visits in Philadelphia and Las Vegas and throw in some tips on using what's bountiful in the winter-greens.

It's another delicious hour of GREAT TASTE so join us on the radio, the "live" stream, or come down to the studio and have some chili!