- Great Taste - 20091230 - Fondue


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Fondue is the perfect choice for a New Year's party. Our pots will be bubbling with the amazing cheese made by John and Ann Hoyt at Leelanau Cheese Company in upper Michigan. The couple make raclette, one of the two important cheeses used in a traditional fondue.

The Hoyts will walk us through the process and while we're cooking we'll hear the story of how they became artisanal cheese makers learning the trade in the Valais region of Switzerland. We'll fix two different cheese fondues, one using wine and the other beer. At the end of our GREAT TASTE hour, you'll be set to make this sumptuous and simple dish.Leelanau Cheese Company has won many awards over the years including the silver medal this year at the U. S. Championship Cheese Contest, the most important cheese competition held domestically.

If you want to watch us make fondue drop by the studio or pick up the live video stream we're going to attempt sending from the studio via our iPhones (Wednesday's broadcast only).



Steve, Kathy, Pam and Rose