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The winnersOne of the winners of the 1st International Culinary Schools Tapas Competition held last week in Valladolid, Spain, Mangal Tamang, and his culinary instructor, Gordon Rader take over the cooking chores in the studio Wednesday, November 18. Mangal was one of 11 culinary students from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden participating in the contest.

The official press release summarized the criteria and results:

"The high quality level shown by the participants, has been decisive so that the jury has awarded a triple tie for the first award. The evaluation criteria by means of points in those based to reach this verdict have been: the culinary skills used by contestants, the presentation, the originality, the combination of the use of local and Spanish ingredients and the concept of tapa itself."

"The three winners, who have obtained a punctuation of 344 each one, have been:

  1. Mangal Tamang. Student of the Indian Hills Community College, Iowa, United States.
    Tapa: Scampi croquettes with samfaina and green sauce.
  2. Jesper Lindholm. Student of Stockholms Hotel and Restaurant School, Sweden.First International meeting of Cooking Schools
    Tapa: Pork's Trotters and squid's terrina of tomato, almond on chili sauce, squid's cream and crackling.
  3. Brady Evan Matthew. Student of Culinary Institute of America of New York, United States.
    Tapa: Crab cupcake and clam with a shell of remoulade sauce, fresh cream and froth of pepper from Piquillo."

Mangal's success is a tribute to the Indian Hills program under Chef Rader. Not only was the level of competitors top-notch, but the 11 contestants were chosen from a group of 72 candidates. The three-judge panel included the Chef de Cuisine from the Michelin three-starred restaurant El Bulli, recognized as one of the premier places to dine in the world. 

Mangal and Chef Rader will prepare the winning entry in the studio. You can see the recipe on Mangal's blog post. Also, we'll get an insider's look at the incredible amount of study, practice, and stamina required to compete at this level in the culinary world.

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-If you are looking for ideas to make your holiday entertaining simple, but different we'll serve up plenty of Spanish tapa possibilities. 

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