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Susan PowersRaw Potato Pancakes


How do you manage a raw foods diet in the throes of a midwest winter? Why would you even want to eat raw? Does it take a lot of time? What are the benefits of eating raw? What kind of kitchen equipment do you need? Is it easy to find the ingredients to keep your raw food pantry stocked?

On our interview line from Minneapolis, Susan Powers will attempt to answer these and other questions from the inquiring minds in the studio. Susan is the force behind www.rawmazing.com, a very informative and inviting site dedicated to spreading the benefits of eating raw foods. We have been experimenting with several recipes from the site so tune in and taste the results with us.

Don't miss another fun and delicious hour of radio food cooking (or not in this case) where we provide the ingredients to stoke your imagination, and kindle your kitchen spirit.

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(photos courtesy of Susan Powers)