- Great Taste - 20091021 - Kippy & Ron Nigh

Cookbook by Kippy NighKippy Nigh making tamalesWe're celebrating "II Festival del Maíz y la Tortilla" in San Cristóbal de las Casas with Kippy and Ron Nigh. Kippy is the author ofA Taste of Mexico and owns the organic vegetarian restaurant and bakery La Casa del Pan. Ron is an anthropologist who among other projects has worked for years with the local farmers to maintain genetic crop diversity and improve their economic prospects through creative product marketing.

Kippy and Ron join us from their home in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico. Joy Salmon, who recently returned after spending several weeks there is one of our guest cooks. Dori Rector brings her love of "all foods south of the border" to our other burner.

The menu features "Coktel Georgia" (Georgia's Cocktail) which is an adaptation of a classic shrimp cocktail from Baja California except this version is made with tempeh, Chili Atole Soup, Enchiladas Swizas, and Chiles en Nogada.

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