- Writer's Voices - 20091218 - Janice Taylor

Janice TaylorTune in to kruufm.com, Friday at 1pm Central to hear why Janice Taylor believes you can wake up New Years morning thinner than you are now! Janice is one of the country's leading health and wellness coaches, a weight-loss artist®, a motivational speaker, author, creator of the popular e-letter Our Lady of Weight Loss, the Kick in the Tush Club, and contributor to The Huffington Post, Today's Health & Wellness Magazine, intent.com and Beliefnet.com. She has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, NY Times, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Chicago Sun Times, LA Times, CNN.com, webMD.com, Fitness and Health magazine. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs across the country including Discovery Health and Naomi's New Morning on the Hallmark Channel.

Taylor is the author of two great books. Our Lady of Weight Loss and All is Forgiven, Move On.
In Our Lady of Weight Loss, Janice Taylor put a new, creative spin on weight loss, offering humor and art projects to make slimming down fun. In All Is Forgiven, Move On, Taylor takes us on a journey to Sveltesville—the magical place where we can free ourselves from the food and weight madness for good.

Taylor has maintained a weight loss of 50 pounds for more than five years. Her secret? Her work as a "weight-loss artist." Sure, there are recipes, and discussions of nutrition and self-image and exercise, but Taylor gets that most overweight folk already know they need to eat less and exercise more. In chatty, supportive prose, Taylor highlights her book with "weighty confessions" that offer absolution and cute "fat-oids."
As Taylor explains, to change our bodies we need to radically shift our attitude—get out of our ruts, forgive ourselves for past sins, and move on with a positive outlook. Here she offers 101 forgiving, fun, and fat-burning steps along the road to weight loss to help readers recharge and stay inspired when the journey gets rocky. Each step ends with a “new point of view”—a fresh perspective on weight loss—and includes advice and activities.