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Hope Edelman

The Possibility of Everything,examines how an otherwise mainstream mother finds herself making the rather unorthodox choice to take her three-year old daughter to Mayan healers in Belize. The Possibility of Everything chronicles the magical week in Central America that transformed Edelman from a person believing only in the visible and the "proven" to someone open to the idea of larger, unseen forces.

Writers’Voices on KRUU 100.1 FM welcomes nonfiction author Hope Edelman this Friday, November 20, at 1 pm Central Time. Edelman’s books include bestsellers Motherless Daughters (1994) and Motherless Mothers (2006). Her articles and reviews have appeared in publications ranging from the New York Times to Seventeen, and her essays have appeared in numerous anthologies, including The Bitch in the House (2002). Her work has received a New York Times notable book of the year designation and a Pushcart Prize for creative nonfiction. She taught in the MFA program at Antioch University-LA for six years, and can be found every summer teaching at the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival.