Our Equipment Needs

KRUU requires a lot of specialty equipment. As far as possible we're re-using hardware, and using free and open-source software. However, this only goes so far. What we need is equipment to make our broadcast MUCH better and more reliable.

To this end, YOU can help by either donating the equipment below, or contributing to assist with the purchase of this equipment. Contributions are simple - just click on the SUPPORT button at the top of this page, and you can donate via Paypal.


  Broadcast Microphones: The most popular broadcast microphone ever! The flat, 50Hz-20kHz frequency response of the Shure SM7B Microphone with Switchable Response is designed especially for spoken vocals, but also works for singing. Highly shielded against electrical interference. Bass roll-off and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display. Internal "air suspension" shock isolation. KRUU-LP needs 8-12 of these microphones. $2,800 - $4,200 Purchased 4 of these mic, KRUU still needs 4-8 more
  Assorted audio equipment: tape decks, cd decks, headphones, headphone amps, cables, connectors, patch panels, microphone cables, stands, racks and on and on... $1,500 Still Needed.
  Broadcast Console: The main board, the heart of KRUU, the R-55E is outfitted with 18 stereo line inputs, standard control room/studio monitor, output module, and optional phone input, second studio module and line selector panel. $7,135 Still Needed.
  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): This UPS protects critical server, networking or telecommunications equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations, and surges. KRUU-LP needs 2 of these UPS'. $2,498 Still Needed.
  Storage Array (RAID): This will provide the needed disk space to house the massive KRUU-LP music VAULT in a fault-tolerant enclosure. $9,901 Still Needed.
  Low Power FM Transmitter: The FM150/300 is a top specification FCC certified & RTTE/CE compliant FM broadcast transmitter that is ideally suited for low power radio stations. $2,799.00 Purchased and Installed
  Antenna and Tower: 60 foot Rohn Tower, cables and installation $2000 Completed, Tower and installation donated by Dwight Harris and volunteers
  Emergency Alert System - Equipment Package: A complete EAS (Emergency Alert System) encoder/decoder system in a 3.5" rack mount enclosure. This system, along with 3 tuners, will bring KRUU-LP into full EAS compliance. $2,575 Purchased and installed