Sarah Prineas discusses "The Magic Thief"

  • Fri
    Apr 09
    1:00 am -
    2:00 am
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    Apr 12
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    9:00 am

Sarah PrineasJoin us on Writers' Voices as Monica Hadley and Cheryl Johnson talk with Sarah Prineas about her books, "The Magic Thief" and "The Magic Thief: Lost". Sarah Prineas is being called the next big fantasy author. She lives in the midst of the corn in Iowa City, Iowa, and can usually be found writing fantasy novels and stories on a stealthy silver MacBook called Pip. The Magic Thief and The Magic Thief: Lost, Sarah's first two novels, introduced readers to the irascible wizard Nevery and his gutterboy apprentice, Connwaer, whose adventures continue here. Sarah holds a PhD in English literature and recently taught honors seminars on fantasy and science fiction literature at the University of Iowa. She has an amazing dragon action-figure collection and occasionally bakes biscuits (although she says hers never seem to turn out as tasty as Benet's do in The Magic Thief: Lost). Sarah is married to John Prineas, a physics professor, which comes in handy when she's writing about magic prisoning devices and pyrotechnics. They are the parents of Maud and Theo.