2010 is here now

  • Thu
    Mar 18
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am

Andy Mac's "Intercranial, etc" has already premiered the latest discovery of new/old Jimi Hendrix tracks from Jimi's 1969 Electric Ladyland recording session that are (for logistical and legal reasons) just now being heard in the light of day. The album features some new versions of old songs and a few that have never been heard. Warning: these are rough demos of final versions that would never be made, so understand that the vocals are more than rough and the arrangements are sketchy. Nonetheless, you will nvampire weekendot have heard these sounds before.

But new music has also been released in 2010 that is new in every sense of the word.

The second CD from Vampire Weekend (left) called "Contra" is more consistent--though with perhaps fewer highs--than their premiere 2008 self-titled CD. This release shows that they have much to say musically and lyrically. Hailing from NYC, they show a Paul Simon-like depth to their lyrics, a similar sparce (but stronger) vocal style, and a freshness to their performance and arrangements. "Horchata" is a gem.

RJD2 and Gorillaz both return with solid CDs and show that they both have skills in writing, production, and putting the right people together to help sing their music.

The young Colorado electronic musician/artist/producer Emancipator (below) released aemancipator spectacular debut CD, featuring an instrumental ambient sound that reflects the open rocky mountains and a spritual experience of the world not heard from anyone else so far this year. We can only hope he continues to create more. Like the other artists featured this week, he plays and produces every instrument and sound on this CD. The word "overdubbing" doesn't do justice to what he does.