Listening to the Movies with the Oscar Nominated & Winning Film Scores Wed March 10, 3-4pm

This weeks show highlights music from the 2010 Academy Award winning and nominated Scores. 'UP' by Michael Giacchino, to my surprise, was awarded the best score. You'll also hear selections from the nominated scores: Best Picture Film Winner 'THE HURT LOCKER' scored by Marco Beltrami, Hans Zimmer's 'SHERLOCK HOLMES', Alexandre Desplat's 'FANTASTIC MR. FOX' and James Horner's 'AVATAR'.  A selection from 'DISTRICT 9', 'STAR TREK' and 'JULIE & JULIA' will be included and as an added bonus Danny Elfman's 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' score will be previewed.

Tune in and catch the best film music choices over the last year and go out & catch the films in the theaters or DVD. Wed 3-4pm right here on KRUU.