FRINGE TOAST - Special Rebroadcast - THE BURNED!! - Orignially Aired 02/25/2010

  • Wed
    Jan 26
    9:00 pm -
    11:00 pm

kurt baumannAre you ready for another cosmic journey with DJ Andy Bargerstock? See link to playlist below. Here's a sneak preview of this week's show.  Fringe Toast theme song band, The Burned, takesthea gilmore center stage for an extended set during first hour featuring lead singer, Kurt Baumann, (photo) with his soaring, ethereal vocals and haunting guitar. Check out the lyrics from "Where are We Now" from 2010 CD.  Returning artist, Thea Gilmore (photo), shines again with new track, "Cold Coming".  Singer-songwriters from soundtrack to movie, Dear John, include Amanda Seyfried, Joshua Radin, and Deborah Lurie.

As we move into the chill-out zone in second hour, pay close attention to new tracks from Danish lass, Tina Dico (former lead from Zero 7), Canada's electronic sensation, Delerium, Irish-West African fusion band, Afro-Celt Soundsystem, and another undiscovered track from defunct Aussie band, Single Gun Theory (yeah, this is the band that everyone's been grooving to over past two weeks).  Prepare for electronic-swoon music from UK's William Orbit and Virginia's Magic Sound Fabric (a.k.a., Cameron Akhunaton) who unveils ever-deeper layers of his mystical musical sojourn bridging electronic, dub, alternative, and ambient musical styles.  Mark your calender. Spread the word.  Click here for playlist.