Marisa Handler on Writers' Voices, Monday February 1st at 8am Central Time.

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    Jan 29
    1:00 pm -
    2:00 pm

Marisa Handler Loyal to the SkyMarisa Handler, author of Loyal to the Sky: Notes from an Activist is our guest on Writers' Voices this week. Chamaigne Montana and Caroline Kilbourn will ask Marisa to tell about her fascinating journey from apartheid South Africa, to the U.S., to Israel, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Peru.  Not surprisingly, Marisa became deeply interested in social justice work during her travels, and this memoir takes a look at the social justice movement.  It's a riveting and educational read, that has received high praise.  Please join us for what promises to be an intriguing interview. 

This interview is also available as a podcast on  Check it out and share your comments or read Chamaigne Montana's behind-the-scenes blog