Pirate Satellite Saturday at 9 AM CST

Saturday morning Forest (14) Shane (10) and Dad (7) will be in the house playing some of our favorite cuts from the annual Pirate Satellite Christmas compilations. It's kinda fun because the boys and Dad have added their quips to the mix over the years. So when we go back and listen to older recordings, say 2003's Yule B Chilling, we'll hear things that tickle the funny bone, warm the heart, or both. That year we asked the boys their favorite Christmas song: Forest (9) liked "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer", little Shaney (4) liked "race cars." We're promising fave cousin Adam Miller right now we're playing his favorite song from 2004's Code Of The Elves- "I Wish It Was Like Christmas Everyday". After all, it is Adam's house we go to visit at Christmastime...

Right now it's all about Christmas for the Pirate Satellite Entertainment Group. So tune in, share some holiday cheer and do your part in supporting the Christmas-Spirit Meter, so Santa's sleigh will fly on Christmas eve.

-What's your favorite part about

- Forest (9) - "Opening presents"

- Shane (4) "And, I like... And, I like God for bringing Angels, and I like my
Angel story, and thank God for this food"

~Live stream @ kruufm.com~ Playlist posted