Cheryl Branz Interview on Lyrical Venus Tues 12/8!

Cheryl BranzI'm sliding, gliding, skating from here
From the clouds in my life to a goal that is clear
I'm on the edge of a dream with the wind in my hair
As I skate

~ Skating, Cheryl Branz

When I first saw Cheryl Branz on stage, she had a twinkle in her eye similar to the one many people attribute to the "Jolly Old Elf". That twinkle shines through her Christmas album, The Christmas Gift. Cheryl's crystalline voice shines equally bright on all the songs from silly to sweet to serious.  The album is like the best kind of gift - some parts familiar, some parts surprising, all parts delightful.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am for a holiday edition of Lyrical Venus!  Cheryl will be calling around 9:30.