The Whole Funk, Nothin' But The Funk (Where Everything is On The ONE) playlist for 11/28/2009

Bootsy CollinsParty On Plastic (What's Bootsy Doin'?)What's Bootsy Doin'?
Bootsy CollinsBody SlamBack In The Day... The Best Of Bootsy
Bootsy CollinsShock-It-To-MeWhat's Bootsy Doin'?
Bootsy's New Rubber BandFunk Express CardBlasters Of The Universe
Bootsy CollinsBootzillaBack In The Day... The Best Of Bootsy
Bootsy CollinsLeakin'What's Bootsy Doin'?
Bootsy's New Rubber BandBlasters Of The UniverseBlasters Of The Universe
Bootsy CollinsStretchin' Out (In A Rubber Band)Back In The Day... The Best Of Bootsy
Bootsy's New Rubber BandWhere R The ChildrenBlasters Of The Universe
Bootsy CollinsSubliminal Seduction (Funk Me Dirty)What's Bootsy Doin'?
Bootsy's New Rubber BandFemale TroublesBlasters Of The Universe
Bootsy's New Rubber BandWide TrackBlasters Of The Universe
ParliamentRumpofsteelskinThe Motor-Booty Affair
ParliamentDeepThe Motor-Booty Affair
ParliamentSupergroovalisticprosifunksticationMothership Connection
ParliamentThe Motor-Booty AffairThe Motor-Booty Affair
ParliamentNight Of The Thumpasorud PeoplesMothership Connection
ParliamentDr. FunkensteinThe Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein
ParliamentFunkentelechyFunkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrom
ParliamentTheme From The Black Hole - The Big Bang Theory12" Collection And More
Prince(There'll Never B) Another Like MeMPLSound
PrinceFeel Good, Feel Better, Feel WonderfulLotus Flow3r
PrinceChocolate BoxMPLSound
PrinceBlack Sweat3121
PrinceIllusion, Coma, Pimp & CircumstanceMusicology
PrinceThe FutureBatman (Soundtrack)
Prince7The Love Symbol Album
PrinceAnotherloverholeinyoheadParade (Under The Cherry Moon)
PrinceKissParade (Under The Cherry Moon)
PrinceI Feel For YouPrince
PrinceSoft And WetFor You