Guitarists A- J Thu at 9am

This week (Thursday 9:00 AM, and Sunday 8:00 AM) it's time to focus on just a part of music: the guitarists. The styles are different but the skill is consistent. These are some of the best in the world.

Going alphabetically, I begin the show this week with Jan Akkerman, lead guitarist for the Dutch band Focus. The thing I like about him best is that he plays with great humor and freedom. Very flexible and fun, and still going strong.

Roy Buchanan began playing the blues in the 1960s, and did until his death in the late 80s.

Umphrey's McGee's frontman, Jake Cinninger is the youngest guitarist on today's show. And one of the few modern, young guitarists who can improvise with the best of them. See him and his band live if you possibly can.

Today you'll also hear some from American fusion guitarist Al Di Meola, great English blues guitarist Peter Green, and uncategorizable Jimi Hendrix.