Happy Hour

Misc. Rockin County Reggae Blues
  • Friday 5-7pm

Steve McLain and Kevin Riley of the Jefferson County Green Band play killer happy music relentlessly and effortlessly, that spans the gamut, not to mention are funny as heck to boot. The perfect way to undue the work week and kick off your weekend.

bali rock

you guys are awesome... thanks for the rockin wake up tunes in my morning happy coffee hour! you guys are rocking me all the way from Bali!

Your Man, Andrew

your shoe

I love your show!!! So glad I bumped into you guys. Will talk Shotgun real soon... I am hooked on happy hour every friday with Kevin, Steve and Tim. Yikes!

home, home, home on the range...

glad we have you on the radio...massive bigup online 2

streaming from NC on KRUUfm.com

clear as day!

rock ON

comments on today's show

Here I thot I was going to hear you sing, Stevie.

Crissy gave me the heads up and now I am stuck home for the next 3 hours. I was just about to go to the grocery store and get me some goodies. Oh well, I would much rather listen to my first grandson.


1st timer

listenin' to the show for the 1st time. nice tunes, enjoyable commentary. i let out a couple hearty laughs.


cheers! to the midwest and sweet white wine.

for the first time

i also listened to it only once and found it quite witty ;) and tunes sometimes are just great!

I love my band

'DEWDS!" I don't usually gush about stuff but after I left the CD release party at Red Rocks last night I stayed up til 4:30 a.m. listening to the new 'Who Took the Wheel' album. I was straight flabbergasted yo. If I wasn't in the band and didn't know JCGB from heebie jeebie and someone played this album for me I'd want it. Oh yeah. I started playing in working bands 20 years ago and learned early on to hear and judge my bands' recordings with dispassionate unbiased discernment. Having done that with 'Who Took the Wheel' (again, til 4:30) my analysis can be reduced to a brief gestalten phrase..........Beautiful Music.
It was soulfully done with great vocals and great musicianship all around. Good Job guys.....Kudos............and Kudos again...

I....Love....My Band. Fer reals y'all.
Later ...........Ed