- Lyrical Venus - 20090901 - Mary McAdams

Mary McAdamsThe cities and towns are in trouble
as the factories run out of luck
but the kids keep blowing bubbles
and the bubbles keep floating up
~ Bubbles, Mary McAdams

Des Moines based singer-songwriter Mary McAdams has been supporting
area musicians of all sorts for years, from teaching music to students
in the schools to hosting the Open Mic at Ritual Cafe, so it's great to
see her out there with her own brand new album! 

Her self-titled debut tackles a broad range of topics - from keeping
the spark alive in married life to corporate greed (and that's just the
first two songs!), but all told from the lens of Everywoman.  Putting
on on the CD is kind of like sitting down with a dear friend and a pot
of tea and catching up on the past couple years, chatting openly about
everything near to her heart lately.  That's not to say it's sleepy or
quiet, quite the opposite!  The lush, layered production rocks, and
Mary's voice soars above it all to drive those stories home.

Join me, DJ Hum