How to Make Risotto on the next GREAT TASTE-Wednesday, 7-8 PM

Chef Phelix Gardner (background) Wild Grape bistro kitchenSweet corn risotto, scallops, piquilo pepper w/goat cheese










of the Wild Grape in Salt Lake City

By special listener request we're preparing risotti in the studio. Follow along with Kathy DuBois and Chef Phelix Gardner and you'll learn the techniques necessary to create one of the most satisfying of "comfort" dishes from Northern Italy. Cooking risotto is something that's easily done at home once you understand the process and have the right ingredients at hand.

At the Wild Grape Phelix's menu features a wide variety of dishes showcasing seasonal ingredients, varying cultural influences from around the world, and a healthy dose of his Southern roots. Phelix's philosophy of food as stated in a recent article on, "Keep it fresh, keep it local, and do as little to the food as you can," fits perfectly with the crew at GREAT TASTE. Speaking of tastes, eating his sweet corn risotto last week was a peak summer food experience.

RISOTTO-it's the next GREAT TASTE!

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