Mike Love drops by KRUU-FM for a chat with James Moore about upcoming Labor Day concert - Listen Saturday at 11am CST

James Moore & Mike Love of the Beach Boys

Mike Love of the Beach Boys dropped by KRUU-FM for a little one-on-one with Planet Erstwild host James Moore.

The two talked about a whole host of topics from foreign policy to the Chevy Volt to collaborations with cousin Brian Wilson to Love's commitment to sustainability (Mayor Malloy is making him "Green Czar" for a day) to experiences with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, MIU and Transcendental Meditation to 48 years of endless summers on the road.

Love, who co-wrote and sang many of the Beach Boys hit songs, was in Fairfield for a press conference at the Convention Center to promote his upcoming concert on Labor Day, September 7th, at 1pm at the Fairfield Middle School. Seminal Iowa rockers The Nadas will open. The event is a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation, co-produced by the FACC and the FVCB.