- Planet Erstwild - 20090813 - Milo Bekins, Chmn of the IAFN

  James Moore interviews Milo Bekins, chairman of the Analog Forestry Network. Born in California, Bekins followed the surf down to Costa Rica where he met his wife and settled into farming, which he's been doing there for the past 35 years.

Analog Forestry is a system which seeks to establish analog ecosystems with architectural structures and ecological functions similar to the original climax or sub climax vegetation. It also seeks to strengthen rural communities, socially as much as economically, through the use of species that provide commercial products.

Analog forestry is a complex and holistic form of agroforestry that seeks to maintain a functioning tree-dominated ecosystem while providing marketable products that can sustain rural communities, both socially and economically.
A certification system (Forest Garden Products) has been developed to market products derived from analog forestry, which is now recognized by the EU.