Carter Sampson on Crooked Sisters Radio Hour Thu 10am CST

Carter Sampson


Hey y'all.

I've been away these past few weeks and am happily back in the saddle again, welcoming to Crooked Sisters Radio Hour the lovely and talented Carter Sampson out of Oklahoma City. "Good for the Meantime,"

Carter's fourth album, has been getting regular airplay on both Crooked Sisters and Gravel Road Radio and she will be passing through Fairfield, this Friday, August 14 for a show at Cafe Paradiso.

With a powerful voice that is at once passionate and vulnerable, lyrical and edgy -- and song writing to match -- it promises to be one heck of a show.

So tune into Crooked Sisters, this Thursday, August 13 from 10-noon for a conversation with Carter Sampson, and, of course, great roots and Americana music!